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UG Whirlwind – One hacker’s heart
Before reading this article, I would like to explain to you the term UG. UG is the Under Ground word, in the Information Technology, this is an underworld where the focus of different people performing criminal activities in the IT field such as hacking credit card (bank account) ship the goods from abroad by credit card hacking, … This article is also intended to show everyone a dark side of the information technology not only in Vietnam but in the world.
1. – Neglected advice
My first lesson at the beginning of security research was the advice of a senior: “Never get your hands on indigo, the power of information control is a power, if you purify the power it will. not disperse, if you dip into the eczema, this power will take him from one mistake to the other.
Every night, this advice goes back with the custody and misery of the custody, causing me to shed tears. I know, life has a lot of good people gave me the advice “blood bone”, I have missed for a moment to the power of money unrighteous pull. Hope my story will once again awaken you, take my lesson as an example, because I’m paying too much!
2. – Life is nurturing – I refuse
I was born and raised in a central province, high school is a good student in the national competition of the provincial high school. I am a student and a shy person. With my ability to study, I easily entered the prestigious IT Faculty of the University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City. From here, living away from home made me start to make things up and the money became very important. Not much money, I started to find fun from the internet.
Immediately I became fascinated with computers and the Internet, I was fascinated by the world of hackers – free and powerful people. Quickly integrate into the underworld hacker Vietnam, get acquainted with the hobby as well as research like me, I gather a lot of knowledge and experience. And once, when I was sent by a friend to credit card information and directed to how to shop online, I was immediately attracted to a world – the world of guys. “Shipping” (purchase with another person’s credit card).
The first purchase was a brand new laptop, fascinated with my first result, that night I could not sleep, thinking about the “magic” and the intention to get rich Followed by each other appear in the head. Near the light, I fell asleep with a smile on his lips, still not leave the laptop …
That morning I did not go to school anymore, the days after that too! I sat on my laptop to study the “technology” of the underworld ship: How to get credit card information of other people, the online shopping system for delivery of goods. Vietnam, study how to use credit card effectively, study negotiation with the place of purchase.
Twenty hours a day, 30 days a month, right in my bed, I thoroughly comprehend the tricks of buying goods from abroad to Vietnam. The following week, the items of great value continuously sent to Vietnam such as laptop, cellphone, iPod … Not used up and excess, I sell to others. My eyes blossom when I receive the money from the buyer, but it seems not to be enough, I need more money to escape the poor life and death of a student in the province. I thought again, again find, I seek to deepen my life into indigestion without realizing, the money is scary!
3. Vietnamese students participate in international high-tech crime lines
So, in the underworld of Vietnam hackers are rumored about a way to make more money than shipping. That is how CASHOUT (withdrawal from the ATM), but want to do that, it must have links to international criminal organizations in countries such as the United States, Australia, England … Rumors lurking about a hacker Every month Vietnam earns billions in this way to my ears. As an incarnation, I continue to investigate.
For a short time, I learned how to make CASHOUT and hook up with a professional criminal organization to fake an ATM card to withdraw money in Europe. I joined a chain of credit lines to provide credit card information to overseas organizations, who would use this information to create counterfeit ATM cards to withdraw money. ATM Points. With 30% of the withdrawn money, my first mission was divided $ 2,000 for the first week. Money is transferred through Western Union, I can barely breathe! No doubt, I will be a billionaire as a student!
That month I earned nearly 200 million dong, I bought SH cars, the two most mobile phones, clothes brand name, … these things just make me change the appearance. But my mind has changed so much, everything is smaller and easier when we have more money! I have a lot of money and want to make more money, I must have more like that anymore!
After a period of business with the international CASHOUT line, contradictions have emerged: the money split many when not in agreement, many cases do not pay. Small contradiction into big … I withdraw from this line.
4. – ATM card manufacturing technology
When withdrawing from the international CASHOUT line, monthly financial resources are no longer available, but my spending levels have not decreased. I have to continue !!! I found out the rest of the line – stamping ATM cards and go to withdraw money themselves!
Through some hacker forums around the world, I know there is an ATM card generator called ABSR. This machine is actually used to backup an ATM card, in case of losing the main card or want to share a card in a family! International criminals use this type of machine to create a debit card!
With just a few Google tips, I found a website selling the machine on the Internet, shipping to Vietnam. One week later, the cargo was shipped to Ho Chi Minh City. When I got to the customs office, I got a little shaken for fear of being detected. Fortunately, I only have to pay tax and bring the machine to the room.
Two days after the first ATM card was born in my motel room, the biggest question at the time was whether the card was “working”. I drive to the street, to an ATM point of V_bank, after entering my password I withdraw the equivalent of $ 200, and no more withdraw! The next day to know that in Vietnam, international ATM cards withdraw only up to $ 200 in a day.
To make more money, I created many cards and used them on the same day. The amount of money earned each day now is equal to a meal of the previous period – a few thousand dollars! What makes me most satisfied is that from now on, I have mastered the “chain” of ATM card manufacturing technology in hand – an unprecedented power! How much money is made a day now by my decision. I have become an international criminal!
5. Great age 19
Everyday work is “produced” on 10 cards, days of baking, the night I go to withdraw money at the ATM. After a month, the money I got was a few hundred million. So much money, so much spending! What I like, or not, I buy myself and buy only the best. Soon the 19-year-old was known and respected by everyone around him for spending money and eating.
By the end of the first year, I began to get tired of my studies, learning was meaningless compared to the amount of money I earned every month. I decided to drop out and pursue what I like. On a trip to Hanoi, I felt like I should go to live in Hanoi and carry out ATM fake work in Hanoi.
This time I also contributed capital to a company in Hanoi to become a major shareholder of this company. Creating a perfect cover, a lot of money – beautiful cars, big shareholders of a company that helped me create a good image with the people around me. And every day from the rented house, the work of counterfeiting ATM card still silently perform, I can not get rid of the magic of the money …
In Vietnam at this time appeared more casher – the hand embedded eczema like me, the exchange of information and experience with the “experts” spammer, casher Vietnamese hora_, tuanpham_, blackcash_, tntr_, gonewiththe_, seam_, secretma_, tieukhucb_, tayninhb_, … make our work more and more professional. At the same time, the cooperation process also helps us to make more use of credit card information, because there are some people in other countries. This helps the bank to withdraw money more and more. The fighters from Japan, Germany, America, … made the work progressed more smoothly and smoothly before.
From the existing relationship and the source of the “goods” left over from CASHOUT, I began to develop my activity, using that information to enroll (set up online banking) of that credit card and send it to the drop (the bank account that receives and withdraws). In addition, I also cooperated with some friends to order and use giftcard (a form of gift card is very popular abroad).
I have made quite a lot of money from here and started to participate in some credit forum (thetindung, vietexpert) of the Vietnamese to earn more sources, very surprised when I was here to support and cooperate quite a lot of. Life is like heaven. We – the young Vietnamese were completely submerged in the dark side of the money that we have just recently touched.
6. Criminal psychology
The amount withdrawn from the ATM system of V_bank more and more, it is not the number of hundreds of millions more but the billions. Having too much money, I have to make a lot of accounts at different banks to deposit their money into it. And owning a large amount of money, plus committing crimes. In my heart I began to feel worried about a day will be detected by the police!
During that time, some of my “comrades” were arrested for shipments from overseas, and there was some information that the police were preparing the case to capture ATM fraudsters. in Vietnam. Immediately I started looking for ways to remove the traces and do it more closely. Instead of using a white card to print the card, I replaced with a blue card similar to the ATM card of V_bank. Fear when the card is stuck in the machine will leave fingerprints, I use gloves or card clamp between two fingers when inserted. The machines I choose to withdraw are often deserted and have been observed very closely.
All deposits in bank accounts are withdrawn to avoid the frozen account status. When questioned about what information the investigators were holding, what kind of person did they say the more worried I was about their outcome? Every day to live in fear is a torment: fear of anyone knows, afraid of anyone watching their actions, fear of being arrested … I decided to use the money to run the crime.
7. – The thief meets the old lady, and the hacker meets the thief
While trying to contact the authorities, I disclosed information about my actions to my neighbor at the company where I had a stake. At that time I had the need to share and was very tense, her neighbors have been very familiar with the investigation agency. She asserted that she could help me inquire whether there was a file in the authorities.
A few days passed, my neighbor told me that I was very familiar with a person in the General Police Department and who was holding my case in hand. As a drowning man with a stake, I immediately made a connection to help run the crime.
While waiting for the results, suddenly one day the amount of 600 million I withdraw from the home bank is gone. Just lost money and fear, I did not dare to report the police but again thanks to her neighbor looking for help finding the thief!
Two days later, a meeting between me and a man claiming to be a police officer in the General Police Department. He confirmed to me that he has a file, but has not submitted to the leadership to issue an arrest warrant, so can still cancel the record! The person raises a $ 7000 price for canceling the appointment and a two-day appointment to his agency to work. Due to the fact that I only know nodding agreed.
But after returning home calmly I think back to the talk and see a lot of conflicting information, I was supposed to be tricked to get money so the next day I avoid seeing her neighbors as well as not contact He claimed to be the police again. The neighbor became very anxious and urgent. The more I was forced to suspect this was an arrangement between the neighbor and the other to take money from me.
I decided to take a high chase – tell my neighbor to call back and say the previous meeting was all over, if the other party would file my tape out. This move was effective immediately, the neighbor was not clinging, everything went back to stable and my psychology began to be more stable.
One evening I was happy to visit the company where I have a stake, see how the business. While talking happily, the ward police came to check on temporary stay at the company, although it was only 7 pm! The people in the company are not affected, only I was invited to the police questioned. I was confined and interrogated in the ward police two days and two nights. Here I know the person who accused me is my neighbor, she also went to her chess!
8. – Working with investigating agencies
The police did not investigate anything from me, except for some stunned blows! I did not report anything and was transferred to the district police. Here, many days I still do not admit anything, simply because the interrogator’s computer skills are very poor, sometimes I have to explain to them some terminology (?!)
In the fourth interview, investigators told me that if I did not report, I would report this to my family. This is a decisive move. Fatigued and afraid to relate to the family, I began to declare and acknowledge my actions. The degree of complexity of the project was clearly visible, I was transferred to C15 under the General Department of Police investigation.
9. – Network police force
I was very surprised and impressed when working with C15 investigators. They understand computer science, psychology and very gentle. I had the feeling of getting rid of everything when working with you, I told you everything – like a break. Through the process of working with you, I understand that, with the specialized investigative agencies, the work I do not soon will also expose the light. At that time, I just wished I was caught earlier, and was arrested by the very people who are working very seriously and justly.
The rest of the story sure you also know through the media. Me and some others have suffered

Who is the hacker? Where are the ordinary people?
When it comes to hackers, many refer to such “high tech crime” or “bad sectors.” Actually there are many types of hackers, many of whom bring their deep knowledge to serve humanity, besides, a base brings that knowledge to the purpose of not good.

The common point of hackers
Those who are called hackers are good people, even very good. They have deep knowledge of systems, programming, hardware … They penetrate the system to make changes, modify the system for different purposes.

Hackers also have bad people, good people
Hackers are also divided into two good – bad

Good faction: Called the White Hat Hacker (WhiteHat) – Security House, professional programmer, network expert …

Bad faction: Called Black Hat hackers (BlackHat) – These people penetrate for the purpose of sabotage, delinquent …

There may also be hackers on both sides of the hat – half-standing in the light, half standing in the dark 🙂 -> I think the hacker hat gray.

The video below will show you a mysterious part of the hacker’s life.

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