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Have you ever perform an online purchase? If yes, we are sure that you know CVV number because you must enter the CVV number of your credit card. Thank to CVV number your card become value and secret, so that is why CVV number is very important in online transaction. You can search CVV shop on google, and google will give you back  far many address of  CVV shop but you do not know which shop is the best for you, let 5proxysocks take care of you.

Why are CVV numbers  important?

First of all, we would like to help you understand more about CVV. The CVV stand for “Card Verification Value” , the CVV numberr is included on your credit card or debit card . Many people misunderstand that CVV number is secret PIN code  – Personal Identification Number of the credit card or debit card, then they enter the PIN and the transaction failed. You need to find which numbers are exactly CVV number. The function of PIN number is allow you to perform an personal transaction with  your debit card or drawing out cash in advance with your credit card at an ATM.

Normally, when you process your online payment, you will fill with your fifteen or sixteen digit number of your credit acount, but you still have to type three or four more digits if not your payment will not successful. That mean those number are very essential. If you have a Vise or a Mastercard in your hand, you need to find a CVV – three digits placed on the back of the card, there are usually three number but sometimes you can find four number on the last of your acount number before your three digit, ignore those number  and do not fill or count that. The four digits is common in American cards. A 3 digit number on VISA, MasterCard and Discover branded credit and debit cards. On your American Express branded credit or debit card it is a 4 digit numeric code.

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When you ask CVV at any CVV shop, the seller will tell you that CVV number are also known as security code of the card, with that CVV number you will be safe on the time you make a online payment. If you do not want your money to be lost by hacker, carefully research for CVV number from now.

Where should you buy CVV?

Among CVV market, you may be very hard to know where is the best CVV shop for you. With long experience in suppying CVV number to customer, we – 5proxysocks really want to serve you on this field. We focus on customer  with hope to sastify our customer, our customers are our friends. Now, we will list some reason why you should choose our CVV shop to invest your  money:

  1. We have a great team of expert in CVV field who completely understand about CVV then we can advise you when you wonder, we can give you the best solution when you face with problems.

  2. We make sure the CVV of us added another layer of protection to protect our customer . By that way, the hacker can not have our customers number, even if  a data is compromised.

  3. The CVV shop of us provide you perfect legal CVV, that is valid number. We say no with fake or used or wrong CVV.

  4. We care our customer form A to Z, only need contact us, we will support and advise our customer with all of our best.

  5. Price of CVV from us is very competitive and that is the best possible on market.

  6. We also give you money back service if you meet any problem.

  7. If the card have any wrong or happen problems, we always support you until the problems are handled.

How to buy CVV from 7CD

The way to buy CVV from us is very easy and simple that is not complicated  as other supplier, because we give you many methods of payment such as Bitcoin, Wallets, Moneygrams,… So the process to buy CVV of us is as below:

  1. Visit our website 7CD then search your service you need and contact us as the following detail information:

Email: [email protected]

Address: 102 7-2 Nanpeidai Shibuyaku – Tokyo 150-0036

Or you can drop a message on our website at section: contact

Your message will send to our email as soon as you click “send” and we will reply you as soon as we receive your message.

  1. Please note to let us know which kind of card with how much balance you need to buy for CVV, then we can advise you and give you the best suitable card met your demand.

  2. We will send you the request of payment that show how much you have to pay for us. We will send you our bank acount then you can be easy to pay for us. You need to pay in advance for us before getting your CVV.

  3. We will wait and check then confirm your payment.

  4. As soon as we confirm your payment, you will get a valid credit card – CVV that completely as your order. Now you can make your online payment and our customer service experts are always beside you when you make a phone call for us or send us an email, we will reply all of your question to make your online transaction successfully.

Once, you are the customer of our CVV shop, while you use our CVV we always support you any time you have any question. We also refund if the CVV do not meet your demand or you discover any fake or use credit card. Now if you are ready to buy CVV of 5proxysocks then please contact us soon to get the best service and price. The smart buyer will choose us for their security. Let us to advise you and give you the best choice.

buy fresh Credit CARD
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