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The first lesson for the working carding

Last night wandering on the net, I came across an article, an introduction, a meticulously detailed tutorial by ZeroneVN 10 owners of the UG world (here the blogger wrote: H4x0r (Hacker) thought use strong vowels) Vietnam:
1. Do not say much to listen and absorb
In the UG community, be attentive and discreet. Learn all you can learn. UG = knowledge + creativity. Have you ever spent tens of hours researching TCP / IP, Firewall OS Kernel … while your friends are partying? Did you try to research the kidnapping of things that cost you a lot of money for a new course? UG = Study + Study + Passion + Humility.
2. Always research thoroughly before asking a question
RTFM = Read The F-king Manual. UG’s research environment is not suitable for impatient people who depend on others. “Only help me this, only help me the other” is not in the UG’s language dictionary. Asking someone else when you have not researched it will only make you inferior and despised by people in the community. Find your own answer with all your strength until you are completely deadlocked. so ask. There will always be people who answer you if they read in your question understanding your problem and effort.
3. To receive – Share2all (looks like shared to be share new right)
Ready to share knowledge, help other UG find the answer. What will you think when you have tried so hard that no one wants to help you? Do not hide your knowledge but be ready to give it to anyone. Of course, if you find them worthy.

4. Humble, modest and modest

No one likes arrogant people, especially in the UG community. High mountains will have higher mountains. When you reach a certain level, others will automatically respect you and treat you as a valuable resource. UG is the word that other people use to talk about you with the highest respect.
5. Script-kiddies are despicable

Many people call themselves UG. “I hacked this, I hacked that, I owned this, I owned that …” as Script-kiddies, for example. Using other people’s tools, attacking any system found, did not even know anything about it. The principle of the attack. This makes Script-kiddies feel satisfied, feel powerful, power to others but does not really have a bit of knowledge. Script-kiddies or pretentious and too embarrassed about themselves (because nobody respects Script-kiddies?).
6. Computer is affectionate

The time spent on the computer side of UG is more than the lover. Take care and understand your computer, it will be your eternal intimacy. The computer itself does not do anything wrong, but it is up to you. Patience, patience and patience. UG self creates trouble with his computer and self settles. After each resolution, find yourself a new experience.

Build a good relationship in the UG
No one can do it all themselves. Joining a team of people with the same passion will be a good environment for you to learn and capture information such as 0day Vulnz, 0day sploitZ … Not only that, it is a fun and special environment between people with common interests.

8. Be with self

The special feature of h4x0r is the personality. Learn, study but do not die old computer. Get out! The life of a UG style follows the principle: do your best, play hardest, smart and slightly … “dust” is a typical image of a UG.

9. Respect the principle of not being tempted

Follow your principles. In the UG environment there will be a lot of temptation by the money brought about by the control of information and technology. Do not use your ability to do shady things. Believe it or not, it’s up to you, but I believe there is a law of cause and effect in this life. Take a single penny, you will have to pay on a certain date and with a very expensive price.
10.Privacy law protects the nation and the nation

UG Vietnam is “the first dragon”. We inherit intelligence and the national spirit of the ancestors. All our studies apart from hobbies are also responsible for protecting our beloved country. Let the world know UG Vietnam is patriotic and nationalist.

The money we earn is not justified but it also helps us get some of the harsh life now. Perhaps some people will comment that there are people who are also poor, they are workers, but they still do not work as badly as we do. Please say that UG people accept themselves as bad but to become a high tech crime they also have to spend a lot of effort. Workers do not do it but they know UG or become a UG is a very different story. Who dares to ensure that among our UGs there are no workers and no one
Know when a citizen knows the Underworld whether they are involved or not. And who reads this article is probably
well understand that. Free discussion here.
Okie, now we start the lesson, this will be the most detailed article to help Newbie (novice) understand what.
Necessary to become a real UG.
UG is divided into 4 levels as follows: Newbie -> Startie -> Mastie and Bossie
Newbie: Newcomer, this word is probably used in all occupations. People in this rank only
having a job is learning.
Startie: This is the word for those who already know 70% of the theory and have successfully practiced something in their field.
Mastie: These are people who have entered the profession for a long time, knowing every detail and knowing how to develop and apply correctly.
You can call them Master, to reach this level you must have at least 1 year in the profession and you must be well known.
Bossie: At this level in Vietnam very few people achieved. To achieve this rank you have to be Mastie and have one
Line or Private Group operates on a large scale and is highly professional.
Completely introduces the rank hierarchy.

Now we go to the article for Shipper.
Shipper – Who are you?
Ship is a cargo act, the shipper is the one who launches this or does this start. Ordinary people can also call it Shipper when they go to a shop online and order something. But Shipper in this Underworld (UG) is a shopkeeper for himself but paying with someone else’s money. It is the use of CC’s Credit Card to buy. CC is also the cook of all UGs, without it the UG World will not exist.
CC is divided into two types:
CCV and CCN.
CCV is Credit Card Verify (CVV2, CVV, CVN is also 1). This type of code has a security code attached to the payment so this type is very valuable and widely used.

What to do before the ship

Before ship you often wonder how to increase the percentage ped for shipment preparation ship. The following is his experience. What should be done before ship.

1. Learn about cc.
In your hand you are holding a cc and you are looking to make an item at a certain site xxx. Maybe most of you will check balance of this cc. What is the real check balance?
Many people think check balance cc is to check the amount of money in the rest is enough money to buy the item you need. If you think this is, then you are completely wrong. Not long ago, I thought, but after meeting my old friend changed my mind. Now I will explain why it is wrong.
Let’s say you have $ 10. But you just want to buy $ 7. But why paygate says it can not buy this item. Hi. He must be crazy. Think that bux. Hehe. But not so. Although the amount of money in the account is enough to buy the item but in a day it only allows the child to use up to $ 5. That’s right, paygate is right.
So check balance cc is check whether the cc is eligible to buy the item, not check the amount in the cc account.
So check balance how. I check all of you based on how to check AVS. I guarantee this is that every AVS check site is not check Balance. AVS is check statument billing. It is not check balance. Other way.

Balance – defined by the Google dictionary, it is the balance.CCV has two types: Credit – Debit.
Credit: Usual Balance Parameter.
Debit: Maximum Debit Credit Parameter.
p / s: If anyone has a different opinion from me about the definition I just made, I hope you will comment more.

The purpose of check balance, everyone is clear. Because people want to be more confident, and not overly dependent on the gimmicks – want to check balance whether it has “enough” money to pay or not.

What is the check balance process?

We usually think that, with the billing statement of the CCC, only fill in CCVNUM and CCV2 is the inspection can take place, get back to us results (I will talk about the right or not to the following content), and most importantly do not affect the CCV live. But reality has proved, that argument is not accurate.
Do you know about SMS banking? It is a card holder utility that manages the card’s status at all times, meaning that all card-related changes (charge free, charge total, routing, delinquency, etc.) are reported to the card holder. Of course, not all card holders, banks use SMS banking verify.
Once you get to the default state of the card, of course the holder will get the information right away, and know what’s going on with the card.
That is my consistent view of the concept: SMS banking, the default state of the card.
On the consequences (side effects) of check balance, I will explain to you with a example of this:

On a nice day, I’m in the tolet. My mobilephone shuddered, announcing the message. I open the message to read, and panic because of burns but My account is charged $ 0.5 service fee when Order online. Of course, I’m not rich to buy an iPad or add a desktop in my tolet. I ran into my pants and ran straight to the bank, demanding customer delinquent all my transactions, change CCV2, VBV step infomation require. At this point, everyone knows that my CCV is red.

It can be confirmed that check balance, or any effect on the card’s state, will also make the ccv holder can detect.

Find yourself paygate check balance.
Once you have mastered the principle of check balance, you are sure to ask yourself. So how to find the paygate to check balance. I will guide you how you learn.
When ordering large stores. Then the final step is paygate step it checks. So what paygate will it check? Paygate will check that the CC is eligible to place orders. If the large shop after check through the paygate if it qualifies it will be placed in the Order and will check whether the actual order of the owner of the card is not.Here I do not address the problem is to do How to check the last step I just mentioned to check balance. We can use paygate to check CC balance.

Once you know that CC is eligible to buy the item you need to ship, the second problem we need to find out about the CC is to know the bank it charges for the shop when bill # ship. About this subject you have to find out. I only suggest the following. If there are many people that try to donate sites to see if it is chare not follow the wrong. First, if donate, try to see if it donates. When donated it will surely charge for them. If the bank has SMS banking functionality then CC will probably not use the ship anymore because the CC owner will know that his CC look up and it will call on the bank to suspend all CC transactions.
So we will have to find site but how to check the charge .. Our purpose check with bill # ship that the bank it charges. So we will have to find a shop and order with bill # ship. But this shop must have the following requirements: first shop must have function cannell order and especially must have the function to check the bank it charges. This may be a bit difficult for you but I will Share Tut check charge later. Wish you sympathize. Because this is not your own research, you can not decide for yourself.

2. Prepare other materials.

This section is also not told because each shop needs different ways to perform ship. Be careful before shipping should use a clean sock. Mail is not important .. And especially should find out the appropriate order time to the highest success rate. For example, do not order in the days of holidays, holidays, Saturday, Sunday. Should know and order at the time that they shop on the computer.


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